Laminate Flooring is a Good Choice and Easy to Maintain

For a floor with a long life, choose laminate. It is easy to care for and very durable.

“There are so many flooring choices on the market today it is often really tough for a consumer to know what to choose,” remarked Dean Dupre, owner of Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. “Here’s an idea – consider laminate flooring. It is a cinch to care for and long lasting. With the wide variety of selections, it really boils down to going the budget conscious route or spending a bit more for top quality. It is all up to you.”

Try not to just buy any laminate flooring or the results might not be what you expected. Even for those on a budget, it is best to shop around for reasonably-priced quality laminate, or the results can be lackluster. Wearability is certainly an important feature to consider as well. “Choose a reliable company, check around with family and friends to see if anyone else has bought laminate from a particular supplier, and make sure the company has a superior customer service department – just in case you run into problems of one kind or another,” added Dupre.

For those looking for a quick fix for floors that desperately need help, they should consider quickstep laminate flooring. It is a good choice for just about any room in a house and is highly versatile. It is also a very popular product because the panels connect easily. As with any other type of flooring, it needs to be cared for and looked after properly to preserve its beauty.

“There are at least three things you can do to keep you laminate flooring looking its very best, and the first one is to clean up spills as quickly as you can,” added Dupre. “Use a damp cloth and deal with things right away if you can.” And for those high traffic areas or locations where spills are guaranteed, such as the bathroom or kitchen, add a rug.

Make certain laminate flooring is swept regularly and use a dust mop to eliminate dust and those tiny particles of grit that make their way into the home on the bottom of shoes or a pet’s paws. It is easy get the dust and dirt up fast, but grains of sand can scratch a floor over time.

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