Health Insurance Quotes Provide Customers with Vital Information

People want their information fast and in small, digestible chunks. Health insurance companies are gearing up to provide health insurance quotes quickly for today’s fast-paced clients.

“People are in a hurry to get to where they want to go these days,” said Clelland Green, RHU, CEO and president of Benepath in Pennsylvania. “That even includes wanting as much information as they can get about health insurance, as fast as they can get it. That is why so many insurance websites have an instant quote function. Plug in your relevant information, click, and lo and behold, you get virtually instantaneous results. That is great for saving time when you are searching for health insurance quotes. However, a quote is just a quote, and not set in stone.”

In other words, a quote is based on a few factors that a potential customer provides. There may be other extenuating circumstances that could change that quote. A quote is a good place to start as it provides some idea of what a premium would cost based on the information provided. Obviously, if inaccurate information is provided, the quote will be affected. For instance, if a smoker tells an insurance company they do not smoke, a lower rate will be quoted.

If that smoker does end up getting a less expensive policy, the first thing that will happen when the smoker needs smoking cessation medication is that the insurance company will deny their claim (at best) or cancel the policy (at worst). What a waste of money and time. “If you want comprehensive health insurance coverage, tell the complete truth and pay the necessary fee,” said Green. “It is your health, and it is important.”

“To get an accurate, tailored quote and policy, you really need to speak directly to an experienced insurance agent,” added Green. They know how to find you the best deal on policies and how to find one that genuinely suits you, so you do not end up buying a cheap policy that does not cover what you need it for in the first place.”

Beware of relying on just quotes alone to buy health insurance. “It is always a wise move to contact an insurance agent and start asking questions about what options are on the market, how they could apply to you and your family, what is covered and what is not, and a whole host of other questions that need answers you cannot find online,” Green insisted. “Finding affordable health insurance is important, but you cannot do that just by getting quotes online.”

Beware of making a decision to purchase based on price alone. The reason price should not be the main determining factor in buying affordable health insurance is that the cheap policies may not offer the right kind of coverage. What is the point in spending money on a policy that does not cover what someone needs it to cover?

“There is no sense in spending money you will not get any return on,” Green pointed out. “And furthermore, it makes no sense to say you have health insurance if the health insurance you do have does not cover your needs adequately. Pay attention to what you are going to buy and take the time to ask questions and read the fine print. Your health may depend on it.”

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