Groundwater Pollution a More Common Problem

Groundwater is the source of supposedly fresh drinking water for millions of families across America. Families count on rain, sleet, hail and snow to replenish the groundwater and rejoice in knowing that there is a natural source of drinking water. Yet many do not realize that it is contaminated with radioactive waste and human waste that is dumped into the environment. When wastewater evaporates, it comes back as contaminated rain.

Depending on the extent of the contamination, the pollution can go underground and deeper wells may be more protected. The key is the amount and source of surface water that flows into the area. The worse it is, the more contaminated the water supply will be. To deal with a situation like this, a smart home or business owner could have water distillers on hand or install water distillation systems in both home and office locations. If you want clean, fresh, and safe water at any time of the day water distillers are for you.

Just looking at a body of water, people do not connect the dots that this water eventually makes it to the kitchen sink. While the water sits on the earth’s surface, and as it soaks into the ground, it picks up hitchhikers – things like magnesium, calcium, chlorides, boron, selenium, radon and even arsenic. Yes, these are naturally occurring elements, and in small amounts are not considered to be detrimental. However, if the amounts are high and consistently so, that’s a bigger concern. This is why having water distillers on hand eliminates any worry a person might have about the quality of the water they are drinking.

Natural elements are one thing, but pollutants such as fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides are another. Throw various drugs and hormones into the mix and you have a highly toxic brew in your tap. Do you really want to be drinking that water? What would you think if you knew your neighbor’s septic tank was leaking into the ground water close to you? Or if the chemical plant up the road had a major chemical spill that soaked into the ground, right by the main source of your water? It cannot be emphasized enough – safe and clean water is at a premium these days and if you want access to water that you know you can drink, use water distillers.

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