For Superior Flooring Try Hardwoods Says Champion Tile and Marble CEO Dean Dupre

Hardwood flooring is not just another pretty design element. It has a variety of other benefits for homeowners as well.

“Virtually everyone loves hardwood flooring, but many people feel they cannot afford it,” said Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. “You are in luck. These days there are a variety of affordable options, priced just for you and your budget. While it might not be genuine hardwood, the look-a-likes are quite appealing.”

Hardwood flooring captures the hearts of many homeowners, but when money is tight, alternatives are out there. “However, if your heart is set on hardwood, you will be pleased to know that you are not just buying it because it is beautiful, but because it has several other benefits you will be thrilled about,” added Dupre. “For instance, it is easy to maintain, rarely stains and ages well no matter what gets dumped on it. It did not used to be that way, but new finishes have made hardwood floors easy to keep.”

Additionally, depending on how much a person wants to spend, wood flooring is fairly reasonably priced. Thanks to the wide variety of hardwood styles, material and colors, a homeowner has just about unlimited choices for their home renovation project. “Tight budget? No worries, there is something out there for you,” Dupre pointed out. “And remember, hardwood flooring holds its value really well, as it is durable and stylish. When it gets scuffed and you can just refinish it and you’re back in business.”

Real estate statistics indicate that homes with hardwood floors get a higher price than those with carpet. Interestingly, even if a home has hardwood hidden by carpeting, it will still get a better price. People love their hardwood floors. “So if you are thinking about selling, then spend the money to install hardwood floors and get a better price when you sell,” suggested Dupre.

For the environmentally conscious and green aficionados, hardwood flooring is making use of a natural resource, and may be used over and over again. Some hardwood floors are salvaged from recycled building materials, barns and other sources. “And if you have animals or allergies, hardwood floors do not collect gunk and are easy to keep clean,” said Dupre.

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