Call a Qualified Auto Insurance Agent When Adding a Car to Your Household

Buying a new or used vehicle for a member of your household can be an exciting time. Whether the auto is for your spouse or a new teen driver, it is a liberating feeling that the family will not have to drive the other person around town anymore. When a new vehicle is added, it is crucial to remember to update your car insurance. Auto insurance does not automatically cover another vehicle, so it is advised to call an insurance agent promptly.

If an individual has an opportunity to call their insurance agent before purchasing the vehicle, it can save them some serious cash. The vehicle model, make, safety features, and the person primarily driving the car all influence the monthly premium. Features such as automatic seatbelts, anti-lock brakes, air bags, and car alarms can equal big savings. Some auto insurers also offer good student and good driver discounts, so be sure to ask your agent about all the ways to cut down the monthly premium. So if you are deciding between two to three different autos, an insurance agent will advise you of which one is going to save you the most money.

Auto insurance “…protects your financial future,” said Zeid Nasser from The College Driver. “People often think of their immediate finances, but a lawsuit from a serious accident will follow you and ruin your financial future. Another thought is that having the right coverage will protect you and your family from medical disasters.”

Adding a car to your insurance through your current insurance agent can save you money overall. Many insurance companies will give discounts to people who have more than one vehicle in their policy. This also saves a lot of the hassle of new paperwork, coverage amounts, and multiple agents. Many drivers elect to have the same amounts for collision and comprehensive insurance, bodily injury, and uninsured motorist coverage.

Take 10 minutes out of your busy day and call a qualified auto insurance company to review your current policy and ensure that the coverage for your new vehicle is adequate. The agent will let you know of any auto insurance policy changes or better coverage for your money. They will also give you options with different insurance carriers and will guide you through getting new auto insurance cards.

In Central Florida, the Florida Insurance Group has helped many individuals and families get the best Orlando auto insurance quote for their new vehicle. They have access to 40 insurance companies to find the best coverage for your money. They have more than 20 years of working with clients online and over the phone to find the best policies.

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