The Government is Not Protecting Your Water Enough

Every time you have a drink of water from your tap, you figure it’s safe. Who is protecting your water?

It’s a classic misstatement these days when you read articles about a process called “fracking” that extracts oil from and natural gas from rock formation. Fracking is also referred to as hydraulic fracturing or hydrofracking and, contrary to media reports that the process uses a “brine” for the process, the fluid used is a compound of over 500 nasty chemicals. Those chemicals, for the most part, are also considered to be carcinogenic. And get this. After the process, the water used in fracking is radioactive.

If you have a fracking project anywhere in the vicinity of where you live, you will want to ask some really pointed questions about the safety of your groundwater, which ultimately winds up in your taps. Do you really want to be drinking weird sounding chemicals floating in your radioactive water? Chances are the answer to that question is “no.” To avoid the hassle and concerns, look into water distillers to provide you with safe, fresh and clean water on demand.

The icky concoction used for fracking is getting into groundwater wherever oil and natural gas recovery projects exist. How does that work? What happened to protecting the environment and consumers? What happened is that the frackers have been exempted from the Safe Water Drinking Water Act, the applicable provisions of the Clean Water, Clean Air Act, the Superfund Act, the Hazardous Waste Act and the Environmental Policy Act. You might want to read that again: the industry has been exempted from the acts that should regulate your drinking water and keep it safe. If this doesn’t raise a serious red flag, nothing will.

Do you know what is really in your water? If you have a fracking project nearby, you need to go online and find out for yourself what that means for your water. Just because your water may still taste, look and smell OK, doesn’t mean it is. How can drinking that toxic brew be safe? How can you provide safe drinking water for your family? You can’t, unless you have water distillers in the home, or a water distillation system.

If you don’t think it makes any difference and agree that fracking is necessary, and that they really don’t pollute your groundwater with unimaginable gunk, check out the story about New York and what it is doing to protect their water supply. Did you know they slapped a moratorium on gas drilling because they saw evidence of water contamination? They took steps to safeguard their water and their citizens. Who is making sure “your” water is safe?

If you are not making sure you have safe water, you get what you get out of your tap. It’s not hard to have clean and safe water anytime you want it. All you need to do is use water distillers. It’s just that easy and simple.

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