Nashville has Water Problems they need to Address reports H2o Labs

Despite the attempt by Nashville to redevelop their riverfront, it seems a local industry has been polluting the water for countless years.

“Nashville has themselves a problem,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water. “Their proposed adventure play park is right next door to a company that had been dumping significant amounts of contaminants into the river, such a metal, sediment and hydrocarbons. Hardly an ideal discovery considering what they are trying to do to clean the area up.”

Evidently, the company’s website says it recycles scrap in an environmentally responsible way. However, dumping their waste into the river does not qualify as being environmentally responsible. It seems that the water they use to hose off their mills, which sluices down and puddles in a shimmering sheen, funnels into a drain that leads right to the river. Metal contamination kills fish and other aquatic life, not to mention that it is dangerous to people who come into contact with it or eat fish from the waters.

“The truly shocking thing is that the contaminated water is going right into the local drinking water supply. Even if the city has a relatively good water filtration plant, they cannot get everything out of the water. Over time, the combination of many chemicals and pollutants will affect people’s health, even at low levels,” Wardell said. It is not known how many people in Nashville are aware of the safety of using water distillers to supply their drinking water, etc.

Sadly, the company, when they were notified what they were doing, replied they thought they had been dumping into a drain leading to the sewage treatment plant. They were actually dumping straight into the river and no one knows how long that had been going on. “Despite being told what they were doing wrong, when inspectors checked back in two months, they found the company had done nothing to remedy the situation. This is not only an environmental problem, but it will soon turn into a political flap, as a local councilman has his name on the sign for the new play park,” Wardell said.

Those in the area that are concerned about their water, whether or not it is due to this latest revelation, will be interested in knowing that they can have water distiller systems in their homes and businesses that provide truly pure distilled water, whenever they need it. Pollution then ceases to be an issue.

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