Living Downstream from a Feedlot Affects Local Groundwater says H2o Labs

Living downstream from a feedlot certainly raises questions about the local groundwater quality.

“In this particular story, you’ve got a homeowner voicing concerns about the ground and surface water that comes downstream to her land from a feedlot just up the road. It has a huge holding pond that has been breaching its sides, spilling manure contaminated water that runs into neighboring properties. This is obviously a major concern when it comes to the quality of the groundwater, and ultimately, what comes into their homes for drinking water,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water.

It is not known whether or not the locals are aware of the safety of using water distillers to provide them with safe water, whenever they need it.

“It’s not just the contaminated groundwater that is a concern. The manure stinking and filthy water is now in the local ditches and pooling in area fields. You have to know it is going to end up in the groundwater,” Wardell said.

It seems the feedlot’s holding pond dam burst in 2003 and 2005. Testing in 2005 showed the fecal count was extremely high. In view of this kind of a history, the regulatory agency for the area issued an enforcement order on the feedlot in 2008. The order stated they needed to separate run-off from a spring that was on the feedlot property. One wonders why the agency waited so long to issue an order. According to the agency, the feedlot was built to provincial standards, including a catch basin to hold surface water and culverts to mitigate the runoff problem.

“It doesn’t look like the plant’s system is working, which prompted complaints to the agency,” Wardell said.

The feedlot manager says the water is not seeping into the ground. If it is not, then where do they think it is going? While the agency is investigating the situation, residents could put their minds at ease by checking into installing water distillation systems in their homes. Without a doubt, for those that want the safety of fresh and clean water, at anytime, water distillers fit the bill and produce pure distilled water on demand.

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