City Residents Could Not Even Boil Their Water To Drink After Catastrophe

Not being able to even boil the water to make it safe does not happen often, but when it does, there is a lesson about having access to clean water.

Water contamination is, unfortunately, far too common these days, but this accident bordered on the bizarre. A cleaning contractor mistakenly flushed underground tanks at a hangar at the local airport. That meant that about 200,000 gallons of jet fuel contaminated water was possibly mixed into the city’s water lines, preventing over 18,000 residents from using the water. If they wanted water, they had to visit one of three distribution centers set up in response to this crisis. If people had water distillers in their home or a water distillation system, there would have been no concerns about the water.

Rather than take any chances, the city issued an immediate warning to residents to not drink or use the water for anything, and that included brushing teeth or even doing dishes. In the meantime, officials were trying to work out how the accident happened. There was speculation the accident happened due to either a design flaw with the system that handles the fuel or a plumbing problem.

The unusual thing about this story is that people were told not to boil their water, but instead, to not use it at all for anything. Apparently, not even boiling that water would have made it drinkable, because some of the bacteria in it were resistant to boiling; all the more reason to get smart and buy water distillers or have a water distillation system installed in your home or business, or both.

Having water distillers on hand would have given city residents control of their drinking water and not have forced them to go to a distribution system for rationed water handed out after a 45-minute wait in line.

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