Boiling Water With Arsenic In It Only Concentrates It

Arsenic is a natural element found in the earth, in varying concentrations. No matter what the level, it poses a threat to your health.

It has long been known that arsenic in drinking water is not good for you. It has only been recently that a new study has brought forth new evidence of the links between arsenic in your drinking water and heart disease. If you smoke and also drink arsenic laced water, your risks are even higher.

The first link made between heart disease and arsenic laced drinking water was discovered in 1980 in a small town in Chile. They had a dismal record of 17 deaths due to heart attacks in people younger than 40 years old. Over the years since that revelation, the connection between the water and heart attacks has grown stronger. In order to protect yourself and the health of your family, you might want to consider investing in water distillers. They can and will protect you by offering clean, fresh and safe water, the way Mother Nature intended it to be, on demand.

The recent study that clearly shows a link between heart disease, smoking and drinking water with arsenic in it, was conducted in a location in Bangladesh, where the groundwater is polluted with arsenic. The exposures ranged from low to moderate levels of arsenic, and the measurements were taken from local wells. There were 2,000 people involved in the study, tested every two years for about six and a half years. The results were sobering to say the least.

Researchers found that there was a dose related response between being exposed to arsenic in water and deaths from heart disease. The really bad news is that even lower levels of arsenic were needed to cause heart disease; lower than had previously been reported. Overall, just about 30 percent of the deaths caused by heart attacks were attributed, in part, to the levels of arsenic in the well water the participants were drinking. Unfortunately, none of the participants had access to water distillers to act as a control group, not exposed to contaminated water.

Although the risk associated with drinking arsenic contaminated water was high, when linked with those that smoked, or had smoked in the past, the detrimental effects on the heart were evidently intensified. The study also suggested that arsenic laced water led to hardening of the arteries.

It is tough to tell if the water you are drinking does have arsenic in it, unless you take it to be tested. The water looks fine, smells fine and has no taste and unfortunately, even if you think it is contaminated and boil it, boiling only concentrates arsenic. When in doubt about your water supply, opt to have water distillers on hand.

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