Summertime Increases Auto Accident Concerns

Tampa, Fla. – The Florida Highway Patrol says summertime causes a big spike in car accidents. More people are driving, drivers are going on long-distance road trips, and tires can even deteriorate faster in the sweltering conditions. Most drivers know what to do if they were involved in an accident, including calling the authorities, emergency personnel and their Florida auto insurance company. But when it comes to finding an auto repair shop for the vehicle damage, many drivers feel stressed.

Drivers should know they have choices when it comes to making repairs. Some shops will recommend original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, whereas other auto body centers will use aftermarket parts. Ask your Florida car insurance agent what your policy recommends for the year and make of your car. Individuals will spend more money with OEM parts, so it is wise to get an estimate before the mechanics and experts start working on the repairs.

“Being without your vehicle can be a very stressful experience,” says Vincent Payne of AGIC Insurance, Inc. in Florida. “We will give you quick access to our preferred repair center so you can get the repairs done efficiently by experts.”

Accident coverage in Florida typically covers for a rental car while the repairs are being done. Repair centers can take care of common dings, including bumper repair, scratch and dent removal, windshield replacements, and other parts replacement. Be sure to mention if any personal property was also damaged in the accident and be able to prove its value by receipts or other legitimate ways. If drivers have pictures of the vehicle and property from before the accident or the scene itself, this will help an insurance agent understand the extent of damages.

“AGIC has taken great strides to partner with repair centers throughout the state that will bring your automobile back to its pre-accident condition,” says Payne. “We want you to get back on the road with full confidence that your vehicle looks and runs well.”

AGIC Insurance has a unique deductible program that allows a driver who’s been involved in an accident to cut their deductible in half by using their preferred provider network for health concerns and auto repairs. They also allow payment plans so that drivers can choose how much and when their auto insurance payments can be made.

To learn more about getting a Florida auto insurance quote, click on or call 1-877-854-0123. AGIC representatives will take the time to explain vehicle damage coverage as well as liability, medical, and uninsured motorist coverage so every client has a full understanding that they are getting quality insurance at a great value.

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