Simple Elegance is Possible with Three Sought After Stones Says Champion Tile and Marble

Most builders have a love affair with natural stones. They enhance the beauty of any home.

“If you want a really elegant home and one that will hold its value on resale, think natural stones – granite, travertine and marble in particular,” said Dean Dupre, who owns Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company. “For those little touches that make a house stand out, you will appreciate the fine beauty of natural stones.”

When homeowners consider renovations, many of them these days are thinking about marble. In some way, shape or form, it is present in millions of homes across America. It can be used for tables, walls, countertops and flooring and comes is a rainbow of attractive colors.

“You only have to look at a home with marble in evidence in a room or two, to know that the look speaks of the finer things in life. Plus, it’s pretty easy to take care of as well,” Dupre said.

A good alternative to marble is travertine tiles. It is a rock, as well, and usually incorporated into patios, paths, garden stairs or even bathroom floors for an unusual look. The appealing texture and character of this stone means it stands out no matter where it is laid. In other words, it is quite distinctive, whether it is inside the home, or outside in the garden.

Granite is also a good choice for some homeowners, as they are attracted to the grainy texture, making it a natural choice for worktops, floors and even tables. It too comes in a wide variety of colors and designs. The only limit to working with granite is imagination.

“If you want to do some thinking a bit outside the box, start considering any of these natural stones for your business location. That gets people’s attention and adds an air of professionalism not always readily found these days, at least when it comes to a business. Building a home or building a business is an investment, and one that people want to maximize to the full potential. Choose your materials well to enhance your environment, and you won’t regret your decision,” Dupre said.
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