Lousy Weather And Catastrophic Flooding Cause Town To Issue Boil Water Advisory

This has been a bizarre year weather-wise. Unprecedented flooding has caused many towns to issue boil water advisories.

Rising floodwaters in many locations across the nation have prompted real fears about the water breaching local community water filtration plants. The fear is quite palpable in many areas. It is a well-known fact that if flooding takes out the water filtration plant, the water is not safe to drink. Actually, it may not be safe to drink in the first place, but flooding makes it even more of a serious issue, and thus many towns have issued boil water advisories. If the communities only knew what water distillers could do for them, they may not be in such a panic.

Contaminated water lurks in just about every tap in America today. It is just the way it is. There are over 2,100 contaminants in today’s water and many of them breeze right on by the water filtration plant’s attempts at cleaning and filtering the water. Why? They get through the usual cleaning process because they are too small to be filtered out. Additionally, many of the filtration plants are horribly aged and not up to the task of doing a credible job of cleaning and filtering the water, hence we get some really strange guck in our tap water. If we used water distillers, this would not be an issue, as they provide fresh and safe water on demand. You can even use it to brush your teeth and cook with if you want.

In situations where floodwater getting into a treated water reservoir, there is a high chance that the untreated groundwater can spill into the town reservoir. When in doubt, do not drink it. If the town does not know for sure if this happened, the only commonsensical move is to issue a boil water advisory, as most of the people in a community will be using their tap water straight for just about everything. If they had water distillers on hand or even as a complete system for the house and/or business, boiling water would not be an issue.

The bottom line is if you want clean, safe and fresh water at anytime, day or night, a water distiller is the only real answer. It can sit on your counter or you may install a water distillation system for the house. Either way, water distillation systems provide truly pure distilled water and mean you don’t have to rely on questionable tap water.

Larry Wardell is with H2olabs.com, a provider of water distiller systems and water distillation systems that provide truly pure distilled water. To learn more, visit H2olabs.com.

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