There Is Still Child Only Health Insurance

You might find it difficult to find child-only health insurance quotes. This is because insurance companies want a parent or guardian on the policy, too.

Although you may have read lately that there is child-only health insurance for sale, and there is, you may be having trouble finding it. In fact, some companies may just flatly refuse to write it. Why? The reason has to do with the cost to the insurance company. The bigger carriers will not take an application for a child, unless there is a guardian or parent on the form as well.

How did it come about that there is now child-only health insurance, but no one wants to write it? This all happened when health care reform was put into place. The problem was that no one really read the whole thing (no kidding – 2,700 pages) and thus there were some consequences no one really expected. For instance, on the surface the bill specifies insurance companies must accept kids under 19 years old, no matter what their pre-existing conditions happen to be.

That mandate would seriously impact on an insurance company’s bottom line, meaning it would cost them money. That is why they went ahead and said they would offer child-only health insurance and health insurance quotes relating to that, but there was to be a parent on the plan as well. So, if you are having a hard time finding child-only health insurance, this is why. Do not despair though, as there is a way to deal with this and it is called short term insurance.

The nuts and bolts of short-term insurance is that it is a full major medical policy, with some limitations. What are those limitations? You will, depending on where you call home, have to renew every six months to a year. This plan does not cover check-ups or wellness checks or pre-existing conditions and in most instances, there is no co-pay on prescriptions or doctor office visits.

The money goes right to the deductible. It is a good alternative for those who want a health insurance plan for their child; one that is literally for the child only and does not need a parent to sign on as well. You would also have the choice to add other supplements to the plan.

While this might not be what you want, it may be the only game in town until someone takes the time to fix what they broke when they brought in the health care reform act and failed to pay attention to what the consequences of changes would be or mean to families.

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