The Key to Reasonable Florida Auto Insurance Rates for Teens

Summertime is an exciting season where teenagers look to spend time with their friends and family and oftentimes get a job, too. New teen drivers and their parents must think about their Florida auto insurance before they begin their summer plans. Parents must think through all the critical steps before their teen drives off.

Step 1 – Car type
Is the car safe and does it fit the teen’s or family’s budget? Ask your insurance agent about what it will cost to add your short list of vehicles that you’re considering buying or giving to your teen. Sporty vehicles, high-dollar autos, and the most stolen cars will increase auto insurance premiums. Vehicles with the latest safety equipment will help lower a teen’s premiums.

Step 2 – Driver history
Has your teen passed the state course and driven alone without an accident or ticket? Many parents prefer to let their teen drive with another parent for a few months and then allow them to go solo with permission for specific activities, such as school or job related needs. Parent-teen driving agreements help new drivers know their parents’ expectations since driving is a privilege, not a right. Many online agreements exist so that parents can tailor it to their teen and family.

Step 3 – Deductibles
Raising a deductible will get you a lower premium, so have your Florida car insurance agent give you a few quotes showing you the difference. Parents might weigh changing their deductibles or just the figures for the new teen driver to safeguard their assets and savings. If an accident does occur, you might have to pay more to fix the problem, but the savings you’ve piled up over time could equal even more.

Step 4 – Keep Practicing and Communicating
The key to fewer accidents and tickets, and thus better insurance premiums, is being involved with your teen. Have them practice while driving to a remote relative’s house, on a highway to pick up a friend at the airport, and other real-life situations that will empower them to drive better in the future. Coaching them while in the passenger’s seat – in a calm and respectful way – during a rainstorm or nighttime conditions will help your teen learn quicker. Teens are new to judging space and time while driving, so be an active participant while they are learning.

Also, being communicative about the pressures of driving will help your teen know their parent cares. Parents should talk about peer pressure and the dangers of speeding, alcohol and drug use, and distracted driving. Texting while driving, checking email or the Internet, and not being mindful of the road can have very serious consequences. Offering advice and setting reasonable rules will go a long way to protecting your teen and his or her vehicle.

Florida auto insurance quotes have a minimum of $10,000 property damage and $10,000 personal injury protection. Teen auto insurance rates are higher all around because of the risks new drivers have.

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