Health Insurance Bought in the US is not honored in Foreign Countries says Benepath CEO

Those who travel a lot need to be aware that health insurance purchased in the U.S. is not honored in foreign countries.

“While you might not think about this, unless it’s something that happens in your life, there are a larger number of parents and grandparents hopping flights to far flung spots on the globe. Not to get away from it all, but instead, to visit their mobile children who have chosen to live and work in other countries. There are also students who go abroad to further their education. Ever wonder what those people do if they need to go to hospital when they are in another country?” asked Clelland Green, RHU, and president of Benepath, Pennsylvania.

Most people who travel just automatically assume that their health insurance will kick in when they have an emergency. This is not the case, and if someone does need health care services in another country and does not have coverage that is applicable there, they will find themselves out of pocket or unable to pay for care.

“To cover incidents abroad, you need visitor’s health insurance. Your U.S.-based health insurance coverage won’t cut it,” Green said.

Think traveling without health insurance will save money? “If you don’t get into an accident, you will save money. However, if you trip and break a leg or are involved in a car accident, the bill will be staggering and you are responsible for the ‘whole’ thing. That’s right – the whole bill. Your U.S. insurance can’t be used. Do you want to take the risk of an accident abroad and the expenses that go with it?” Green said.

While saving money is a good goal, saving money at the expense of one’s health is not a smart idea. Visitor’s health insurance is not that expense. Or to put another way, visitor’s health insurance would say the enormous expense of medical care for any accident or illness. People who travel may choose what they need, the coverage they want, what options would work for them and the deductible.

“An individual, tailored plan for a reasonable price, what more could you ask for in terms of protection while you are away from home?” Green said. “If you do your homework and check around, you will find what you need. Aim to deal with a company that specializes in visitor’s health insurance and you should get what you need, along with the peace of mind of knowing that you are covered for any nasty event that may happen while you are traveling.”

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