Florida Auto Insurance Tips Before Summertime Travel Season Begins

Road trips equal summertime fun, but drivers should not let their guard down. Getting the right auto insurance can save your family money and time should the unexpected occur. Here are some tips to make your summer adventure a wise one.

Auto Must Haves

Make sure you have proof of insurance in your wallet and glove compartment. If you are travelling out of state, your Florida auto insurance will cover you. Verify that your ID card lists your insurance company and the agent’s phone number should you have a question.

Pack a first aid and roadside assistance kit in case an emergency happens. A flashlight, cell phone charger, blanket, and extra batteries will be your lifeline should something occur.

Plan Your Route

Try to avoid rush hours in other cities to prevent wear and tear as well as accidents. Having an atlas or GPS system will help you avoid getting lost or stressing over the best route. Many GPS systems also alert the driver to the speed limit. Remember that speeding tickets can affect your auto insurance premiums, so going the speed limit will save you money on your insurance and gas costs.

After a Crash

If you are in an accident, call the police and emergency services immediately. Collect all the names and contact info of the other driver, passengers, any witnesses, and the responding officers. Call your Florida car insurance agent after this and try to get as much evidence as possible at the scene. Take photos of your vehicle damage, any physical injuries, and any road hazards that could have contributed to the incident if possible.

Reputable auto insurance companies will swiftly help you get a rental vehicle and your car in the repair shop, unless it is totaled. Even if the driver who caused the accident is uninsured, your Florida auto insurance policy does cover for an uninsured motorist.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. of Florida has a unique deductible program where your deductible can be cut in half if you are in an accident when you use their healthcare and diagnostic preferred providers. Drivers will also get savings by using their partners at approved repair centers. Their Florida auto insurance quotes cover all the needed services drivers deserve at a great value. AGIC even has installment payment plans to help individuals and their families with their monthly budgets. To learn more, click on http://www.agicinsurance.com or call 1-877-854-0123.

Melissa DeAngelo is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit www.agicinsurance.com.

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