Affordable Health Insurance Plans Now Simpler

Have you noticed the health insurance market has changed? It is now simpler than ever before.

If you thought that trying to find the right kind of health insurance plan was a pain in the anatomy, you would be right. At least, right once upon a time, but not now. Within the last year health care has been simplified so that you can easily shop for affordable health insurance. You will also know that it will include some basic options no matter where you choose to buy. What this means is that there are some standard rules in place that will help you when you need to shop for health insurance.

One thing that has changed for the better is that there is no longer a lifetime cap. Before this new provision was instituted, insurance companies would cap you between $2 million to $5 million. While that may sound like a staggering amount, if your family has the misfortune to experience a critical illness, this amount can get eaten up fast. Taking away the lifetime cap now means consumers have the security they need in the health insurance policies.

You might not know this, but another of the new changes is that all insurance companies now have to cover wellness exams. This makes sense, as it promotes wellness, a key component to keeping the price of health care down. Before this new change, millions of Americans would not go for checkups, because they were not covered or only a portion of them was covered. You will discover that now, wellness exams are 100 percent taken care of by your health insurance policy and they are not subject to a deductible or co-pay.

Another thing is that will really make a difference to a family is that all children under the age of 19 now qualify for individual health insurance plans, whether they have pre-existing conditions or not. There are still lots of other options out there for everyone, from individuals to families and many styles to choose from such as HSA plans, co-pay plans, PPO, HMO and major medical. It’s nice to have choices, because no two people will need the same kind of health insurance coverage.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the changes, talk to an independent agent and rely on their expertise to find you what you need. Their advice is free and quite often, they can explain complex policies in simple English. It might not only save your time when you are looking for a policy that suits you, but save you money as well.

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