Seek Ample Florida Auto Insurance for a Business Vehicle

Tampa, Fla. – Auto accidents were the leading cause of work-related deaths, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported. Small businesses must be mindful of driving their vehicle for work purposes. An individual who might use their vehicle more for work than pleasure will want to insure their vehicle differently.

“Business drivers will want to make sure they have the right amount of insurance to protect their assets should they get into a bad accident,” said Vincent Payne of “Another driver could come after the business’ assets and income when seeking claim monies.”

Florida car insurance quotes will analyze business use, vehicle weight, number of miles driven each year, and individual’s driving records. Tracking mileage will help make the policy accurate and also is a tax write-off. Safety features such as antilock brakes, air bags and antitheft devices will also make premiums more reasonable.

A good Florida auto insurance company will go over not only auto liability requirements, but will give the driver peace of mind for bodily injury coverage, property damage and any additional coverage the business should have.

“We help many small businesses, whether it is just one employee or 100 workers who have business vehicles,” Payne said. “Pickup trucks, SUVs, cars, and vans are great business cars, not just pleasure vehicles.”

A big facet of the Florida auto insurance coverage is the physical damage portion. Business owners will get sufficient coverage for collision, comprehensive, and specific perils. Collision coverage accounts for losses that occur during an accident. Comprehensive coverage is for broader losses. And specific perils cover fire, theft, and other big risks.

AGIC Insurance, Inc. is experienced in assisting business owners and drivers with all their Florida auto insurance needs. They are known for their customer service, great rates, and flexible payment options. And they partner with the Physicians Group to provide outstanding medical care to individuals involved in auto accidents.

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