Pick the A Rated AGIC Company for Florida Auto Insurance

Tampa, Fla. – AGIC Insurance, Inc. has been given an A rating for an Exceptional Financial Stability award by Demotech, Inc. The A rating is a big indicator that the Florida auto insurance company can withstand the economic downturn and flux of the auto insurance industry.

Interest rates, inflation, overall economic activity, financial leverage, and liquidity make up a good part of the analysis Demotech does to give good ratings like this.

Florida car insurance shoppers want to know that we’ll be here when they need claims honored,” said Vincent Payne of www.agicinsurance.com. “Our strength and integrity allows us to offer car drivers choices for their car insurance and great rates.”

AGIC Insurance is connected with agents that understand a driver’s local needs, desires to keep costs down, and that have the ability to be there for them should an accident happen. Their agents will help clients compare coverage and Florida car insurance quotes. Many policies can vary greatly, so their agents will go through the vital parts of the policy to give their client peace of mind.

“Our A rating also really shows in our commitment to service,” Payne said. “We handle your claims quickly and can provide options if your budget is tight and the bill is coming up quickly.”

Their unique cash payment option allows drivers to drop off payments at more convenient locations with longer hours. AGIC also has an installment payment plan that enables drivers to pick when and how much payment they can make. And if an accident occurs, drivers can slash the hefty deductible payment by using one of their facilities in their preferred provider network. AGIC also partners with the Physicians Group to provide top-notch medical care to individuals involved in auto accidents.

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