Marble Flooring is the Perfect Choice for an Elegant Home indicated Champion Tile and Marble

To improve a home for resale, consider the value added ambience of marble.

“When it comes time to sell your home and move on to greener pastures, you might want to think about adding the elegant touch of marble to your new home. Just by adding this naturally beautiful stone to your rooms, you will increase the resale value of that home for the future,” said Dean Dupre, who runs Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

It is a real win-win situation when the walls and floors of a home meet in complete harmony of color, texture and elegance. This may be achieved with the haunting and timeless beauty of marble. “And these days, pricing is not usually a barrier to getting what you want. There are many options out there that are priced reasonably and still offer that look of class and distinction,” Dupre said.

Even though America seems to be in love with ceramic tiles, marble is one of the best options for a highly durable and good looking floor. Time and time again, marble flooring is chosen because of its well-known properties of strength and durability. It does not need to be kept on the floor, as it elegantly blends into one’s surroundings in the form of tabletops and on kitchen and bathroom walls.

“Design wise? Consumers have choices in this area and they include sand tiles, polished tiles and honed tiles. The honed variety has a matte finish, meaning they are not polished to a high shine. Polished marble, as you may guess, offers shiny, glazed looking tiles and if you want an antique-type look, sand is mixed into the marble. It’s quite the interesting look,” Dupre said.

Do not think that marble tiles come in uniform patterns and colors though, because they do not. That is the whole beauty of marble in the first place. It is unique in patterning and because of its veining, done courtesy of Mother Nature. This is actually one of the main reasons people love marble so much – because it has character hidden in the depths of its beauty.

Flooring designs have unlimited potential and can become the focal point of any room or even just an accent. The choices are up to the homeowner. While they are deciding what would look best in their living space, they might be interested to know that when it comes to marble tiles, there are usually two varieties to select from – glazed and unglazed.

“If you are partial to the glazed marble tiles, then you might like a gloss, matte, satin or dull finish in black, white, green or blues. They are water resistant and would do well in showers and bathrooms or kitchens backsplashes,” Dupre said. Just remember that when choosing marble tiles, keep in mind which room it will be used in, and make an informed tile choice to suit the room.

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