Major Fire Sent Polluting Ash Into The Air And Contaminates City Water

Volcanoes and major fires tend to disperse ash into the air. Ash contaminates nearby water sources.

When the community of Grand Prairie woke up one morning, their landscape was decorated with a dark ash coating, as the result of a major fire in the area that destroyed a 400,000 sq. ft. warehouse. It was one of those fires that no one hopes to fight again, involving 66 firefighters, 12 fire rigs and engines from multiple surrounding fire departments. It was one of the worst conflagrations people had seen in years.

The fire took many hours to finally snuff out and with it being extinguished, came blowing ash and large plumes of grey and black smoke. The air and water in the area would take a beating. In fact, the water quality would be affected several miles away from the fire. Luckily, the warehouse that went up in flames did not have toxic chemicals stored inside that may have compromised the local aquifers.

Nonetheless, the ash settling in various streams, lakes, rivers and wells would add extra concerns about the quality of the drinking water. A dilemma that would best be resolved by using water distillers. Or, if any of the local residents had water distillation systems installed in their homes, the ash in the water (and any other contaminants) would be taken out, ensuring fresh and safe water to drink.

Investigators on site and over the course of dealing with the fire and its fallout have as yet to be able to determine the exact cause of the fire, but are thankful that the warehouse only stored aluminum cans, paper and a few machines. Nonetheless, the local cleanup crews and the state environment and water quality division are monitoring the water to ensure there were no chemicals dumped while fighting the fire.

While this situation is of concern to many of the area’s residents, if they used water distillers or in the alternative, had water distillation systems in their homes, they would not need to worry about the quality of their drinking water. Water distillers produce the safest, cleanest and freshest water, on demand, whenever you want it. There are no concerns about various chemical or other pollutants bypassing water distillation systems

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