Florida Auto Insurance Oftentimes Covers a Rental Car

Most people land at their vacation destination and enter the rental car company with a relaxed mindset. As the rental car agent goes over all the specifics, individuals hit a roadblock when it comes to car rental insurance. Everything comes to a screeching halt as you figure out if you need it in addition to your normal car insurance and what amounts you would need, if any.

“It’s best that you make two phone calls before renting a car – one to your insurance agent and one to your credit card company if you will be using it to pay for the rental car,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Most normal Florida auto insurance coverage takes care of the coverage and deductibles for the rental car as long as the car is not for business. But beware if you do not have comprehensive or collision coverage on your normal vehicle. You would also not have this coverage if something happened to the rental car and could be liable for the damages or theft.

Your Florida car insurance company can sometimes give an insurance rider to cover loss of use, towing charges, and administrative fees when using a rental car. The rider is typically less expensive through your car insurance company than the rental car company.

And interestingly enough, if you use certain credit cards for the rental car fees, drivers can be covered for damage or loss of the rental car. It definitely pays to call the credit card company beforehand as their policies might not cover bodily injury, death, or diminished car value. Policies through a credit card company do change over time, so call to get a clear understanding of the coverage.

“If you already have comprehensive and collision coverage on your own car, check with your personal auto insurer to make sure you are not duplicating coverage you already have,” says the Insurance Information Institute.

Rental car companies have various insurance options should that be the best route to protect you and your family. Here are the most common choices:

• Loss Damage Waiver: waives financial responsibility if the rental car is stolen or damaged; these become void if the crash was due to speeding, DUI, or driving on unpaved roads
• Liability Insurance: supplemental insurance will simply provide the state mandated amount of liability coverage
• Personal Accident Insurance: covers medical bills due to injuries from an auto accident
• Personal Belongings Coverage: insures items in the car should they be stolen

AGIC Insurance, Inc. will look at your Florida auto insurance quote to let you know what coverage is included when renting a car so you don’t waste your money. AGIC knows that insuring a rental car can be a confusing process that becomes an urgent question when you get to the rental car counter. They help Florida drivers make sure their coverage is giving them all the protection they need so there are no gaps in coverage when renting a car. To learn more, click on http://www.agicinsurance.com or call 1-877-854-0123.

Vincent Payne is with Florida auto insurance company and Florida car insurance company, AGIC. To get a quote or learn more visit www.agicinsurance.com.

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