Chances are the Water at Schools Is Contaminated If Tap Water at Home Is Indicated H2O Labs

Water contamination is a community wide problem. It typically does not limit itself to just a few homes.

“When it comes to contaminated water, it isn’t just one or two homes in a community that may suffer the effects of questionable water; it’s typically the whole community or a large segment that may be serviced by a different aquifer or well. If homes are being affected and there is contaminated water in the taps, then you can pretty much bet that businesses and even schools are also dealing with questionable water,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water.

Just recently, a report was released that revealed that most schools in the nation have drinking water that is loaded with a variety of toxins.

“What were the toxins found? Shockingly, the study revealed that the water in most schools tends to contain a wide variety of toxic chemicals, lead, pesticides, drugs, hormones, bacteria and viruses,” Wardell said. Could a school benefit from the installation of water distillation systems? Most definitely, thus ensuring the children are drinking truly pure distilled water.

It seems that not too many people are checking into this and that includes the government. In fact, according to the Environmental Protection Agency, over the last decade, just about 20 percent of what schools were tested, came back with results that were in direct contravention of the Safe Drinking Water legislation. That makes one wonder what the point of the legislation is if no one is going to enforce it or do anything as a follow up to a dismal water quality report.

Again, it is not just schools or just homes or just businesses with a drinking water problem. Contaminated water is usually a community wide issue and when that issue threatens children, something needs to be done. In many cases, homeowners and others could install water distillation systems to guarantee their water is fresh and safe; anytime they want it.

The most troubling component found in school water is the lead, as kids are very vulnerable to lead. They may experience hearing damage, mental disabilities, brain injury, stunted growth and other serious health problems. “It should be mentioned that if the landlord of a rental property doesn’t tell the tenant there is lead in the drinking water, they may be prosecuted. Children don’t have the same protection,” Wardell said. How bad is that?

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