Dating During a Divorce Can Lead To Complications

Christina Aguilera’s post-divorce life got very interesting this winter when TMZ learned that her ex husband and new boyfriend had been residing with her at the singer’s Beverly Hills home for weeks. TMZ reported that her ex had not wanted to move out as quickly due to their son Max.

Needless to say, their situation put everyone in an awkward spot. Although a divorce makes many people desire a new beginning, a parent must tread carefully when dating before a divorce is finalized and be mindful of how children can be affected even after the divorce decree is signed.

Do not make these mistakes just for love when a new person starts to pull at your heartstrings:

1)     Whom you date can impact child custody decisions. In the court’s eyes, the child’s best interests are the top priority. Whom you are dating and what behavior you are exhibiting in front of your child can make you and your home environment appear less stable.

2)     Overall, dating before the divorce is final or rushing into a new relationship the minute it is over can cause emotional complications. You need to understand what went wrong with the marriage and how to not fall into another bad relationship. Your child can also get confused and emotional about the new person in your life. Oftentimes, it is just better to take a breather from intense relationships.

An experienced divorce attorney will help you understand how your dating life and home environment will affect the outcome of the divorce. If you are considering a divorce in Denver, hire the Thode Law Firm to get the legal assistance you deserve.

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