Call A Broker When It Comes To Health Insurance Says Benepath President

Quality health care is important to Americans. Finding affordable quality health care is possible.

“Since the advent of the Internet and the ability of health insurance companies to add instant quote features to their sites, buying affordable health insurance has become the norm; an actual reality that dispels the myth that there is no such thing. Finding quotes that make sense for people and their families is easier than ever and you do not have to guess what would work for you,” said Clelland Green, RHU, and president of Benepath, Pennsylvania.

For those that want to tackle the price comparisons and policy differences on their own, they have that choice. Often, if someone is in a hurry or uncertain of what they want and what they are seeing online, it is best to use a health insurance broker to source the best price possible.

Many people do not understand that insurance brokers are similar to agents, but there is one difference. Agents working for a specific company will only sell that company’s products. “Brokers, on the other hand, are independent and not married to any particular insurance company. It is their job to find a client the best health insurance that suits them, for an affordable price,” Green said. They have many carriers to choose from and thus have the opportunity to pick and choose what will work best for their clients.

Perhaps at one time, buying health insurance was a major pain in the anatomy. Times have changed. It is even easier to buy the right kind of insurance the first time out. Comparing rates online is the fastest way to go and many people find the fact they can do this at home very appealing. That does not mean they do not have access to an insurance broker online or that the broker cannot help them in making their decision.

“In today’s world, health insurance is a necessity, but many people are stumped by the varying costs and the different features the policies have. This is where the broker comes in. With online resources and the assistance of a skilled broker, you will have what you need at an affordable price,” Green said. Truly, buying health insurance is not as difficult as it once was.

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