The Renaissance Man

Delaney was tired of watching baseball, football, hockey, basketball – everything shy of underwater basket-weaving as an Olympic sport.

Delaney’s husband, Patrick Smalley, was a used car salesman for over 20 years. More than half of those years were spent serving the customers of the greater Los Angeles area. So when he had come home from working ridiculous hours all he wanted to do was veg out with his favorite Chicago teams – in every sport under the sun. He would yell and throw the couch pillows at the TV.

Finally, Delaney had enough of this maddening behavior and told Patrick to wise up or get out after many years of marriage.

“What do you mean, wise up?” Patrick asked.

“It means do something useful with your brain!” Delaney said.

“I bust my butt all day with the most difficult clients and you want me to read an encyclopedia?”

“That’s right! I want you to get a clue. Not just read stupid comments your buddies post on your fishing forums or news forums or all those sports forums, either!”

“That’s it, I’m calling Matt!” Patrick warned.

“Go ahead; at least Matt has more sense than you!”

Matt Lockhard had been the friend of the family since their early days out in California. Matt is now an Independent California Health Insurance agent and had been providing the Smalley’s with top-notch health insurance coverage since he started.

“At least Matt protects my health, and you don’t.” Delaney continued.

It was not before long that Patrick decided that he outgrew his profession and decided to be the sales manager for a green company that helped people build efficient and safe organic gardens in their backyard with prefab green-friendly gardening plans and kits.

He would continue to catch a game every now and then, but does not get his blood pressure worked up over a failed play. Patrick did not read the encyclopedia, but joined his wife in a literary book club. After she had read a review of a book, she would read it and then Patrick would read it after her.

Their dinner conversations were filled with music, art, literature and laughter; and of course their dinner would consist of organic food from their very own garden. Not only was Delaney delighted in her new husband, but Patrick was pleased of himself, for once in his life.

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