The Lottery Ticket

It was the worst of it she thought, forgetting to turn the burner off after boiling a pot of water. It was not the forgetfulness, but also the indifference about mostly everything.

Out of the blue, she received a letter from a long-time friend who lives out in Texas. When she was young and single, Eloise loved to go dancing and sing at karaoke night – her only claim to fame and venue for self-expression. And her girlfriend, Teresa, was her hanging out buddy. And, boy, could Eloise turn a crowd with great stage presence and engaging performances.

She could also more than carry a tune. She studied the likes of heavy-duty songstresses such as Anita Baker, Toni Braxton and Aretha Franklin. When she sang the R-E-S-P-E-C-T song, the crowd jumped to their feet and started dancing and hooperin’ and hollerin’. She felt on top of the world in her little watering hole in her small town where practically everybody knew her name.

But hard times fell. Jobs were scarce and she could barely pay for her essentials and rent. It is no wonder that it affected her spirit. She did not feel much like dancing and singing anymore. No matter if Joe Day from the auto shop was willing to pay her way all night. But she was able to maintain her health insurance, thank goodness for her California Independent Health Insurance Rep., Matt Lockhard. Bless his heart. He made sure she was well covered for what she needed in these trying times.

So when the letter from Teresa came in from Texas, she reluctantly and unenthusiastically opened the darn thing to discover one national lottery ticket and a small note that said, “Now sing for your supper tonight and make this lottery ticket pay off for you.”

“Well, it is Friday night,” Eloise said out loud to herself, “and I’m tired of looking at these dingy walls.”

She called Joe Day and they turned the night out. Eloise gave the best performance of her life and everybody told her so. Pretty soon, Eloise didn’t wake up with aching joints, but with a slight pep to her step. Her speaking voice became more sure and bold like when she sang.

Best yet, Eloise never checked her lottery ticket until she discovered it in the abyss of her purse one day. She took a gander, and went to local corner store to find that her long-time friend, Teresa, was right.

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