The Conundrum of What to Buy for Health Insurance

It is really tough trying to choose the right health insurance plan that will work for you. It would not be if you worked with an agent to get what you need.

While it may take some time to find a health insurance plan that really does what you want it to, you can save time and often money by making a call to an agent. They know their business inside out and they are there to help you get what you need. Their advice is free and you do not pay one red cent for it, so why not try working with an agent to help you find a health insurance plan that suits you and your budget.

If you do work for a company that offers health insurance plans, you may have most of the choices already made for you. You get to choose between two or three packages and make up your mind on what you want to pay for a deductible. There are other decisions you might make relating to co-pays etc. but sometimes going with a company policy is your best option. On the other hand, sometimes it is not.

Just keep this in mind. The less you pay for the deductible, the higher your monthly premium. If you do not have cash stashed to pay a higher deductible, it might make some sense for you to pay a higher monthly premium. You are calling the shots, so you will know what works for you. If you happen to have a savings account earmarked for medical emergencies, and some people do, you will save money over time because the premiums you would pay would be lower.

Not on a company plan? No problem. Find out if you qualify for group health insurance, perhaps through a college or professional organization. Now, do you care if you see a particular doctor or not? If you do care, you might want to consider a plan that includes your physician of choice or go for a plan where you can go outside the network, but you pick up the tab. If you do not give a hoot who you see, go for a plan that gives lower rates because you will stay within their system. But you will still need to choose a primary care provider.

Good at saving money? Go for a self-directed plan or health savings account and use the money in the savings plan to pay down high deductible, thus saving yourself some money. Where there is a plan, there is a way to make it work for you.

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