Resurrecting Lazarus

On his adventurous journey, Harvey Mangrove, a biologist from University of California, set off to South Africa in search of plants and vegetation that were thought to be extinct, but now appeared to have resurrected.

Little did he know that his journey would make him into a household name, catapulting him into rock star status in every scientific journal and landing him on every talk show from morning to midnight. But a small patch of a red fern cropped up in Nelsen Mandela Bay and he wanted to be part of conserving the once-lost plant, in hopes of guaranteeing its existence once again on this earth.

He had already travelled to Australia for another discovery and another in New York, causing his peers to deem him the Lazarus finder and keeper of once lost species. The thrill of the corn buttercups’ reappearance in Shropshire, England’s lush countryside, where it was last seen 20 years ago, was the most exciting thing to him. To be a discoverer of lost plants and animals is like finding maps and clues to the lost covenant.

“Do not forget your trusty health insurance when you’re trekking the globe like Raiders of the Lost Ark,” said Matt Lockhard, the Independent California Health Insurance Agent and long-time friend of Harvey’s.

Harvey knew that extra health insurance would do him good on top of what the college gives him, particularly travelling as much as he did to the nooks and crannies of this globe and to every glorious nature preserve.

But Harvey was not casted into the limelight like he once dreamed of, but worked quietly under the auspices of the other celebrated scientists and conservationists. He would periodically report to Matt Lockhard, the Independent California Health Insurance Agent, about his travels and his scientific studies.

“I don’t know about you, Harvey,” Matt said, “but I think all you do is dream of lost plants and animals! Don’t you think that’s odd?”

Harvey, who is also known to a light-hearted joker from time to time, gave it right back to Matt, “Well, just as much as you live and breathe health insurance policies, I suppose, Matt!”

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