Personal Injury Cases May Happen In Unusual Ways

Personal injury law is continually changing and evolving. Accidents can happen at the strangest times and in the strangest ways.

Not too many people have had the distinction of falling down a manhole, but is has happened and the consequences can be quite disastrous. Most manholes are covered, but in this particular case that we read about, the manhole was not covered and an 11-year-old girl fell just about 15 feet. She was trapped for 30 minutes before fire crews were able to get her out.

Once lifted to the surface, she was airlifted to a children’s hospital to check her over. She apparently did not receive any life threatening injuries and was released to recover at home. Nobody seems to know why the manhole cover was out of place, though there is speculation that a snowplow blade was the culprit. The city and the police are investigating the situation further.

While this case may sound like a fall where the young girl did not hurt herself, you have to consider that she fell 15 feet and landed on pipes and concrete. Injuries that may not be visible are a high risk in cases like this. For instance, she may have sustained spinal cord injuries that may not manifest themselves until later or she may also have cracked ribs or other bones – a fact that could go unnoticed at a hospital intently looking for more serious injuries and missing the not-so-obvious ones.

In any slip, trip and fall case, it is a good idea to discuss the case with a qualified Atlanta personal injury lawyer and find out what your rights are, what you do if the child’s injuries are worse than first thought, how to file a personal injury lawsuit and what to expect should your case go to court.

Injuries as the result of negligence (the missing manhole cover) may mean the city is liable/responsible for the child’s medical bills and other expenses relating to the accident. The first consultation with a an Atlanta personal injury lawyer is free and the advice if often priceless, when it provides you with the peace of mind that if your child’s injuries are more serious than first thought, you know what to do.

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