Auto Accidents are Personal Injury Accidents

To many, a car wreck is a car wreck. To law enforcement and the justice system, an auto accident is a personal injury accident.

To get a better idea of what the term personal injury accident means, think car wreck. It is the best example of the personal injuries you may sustain after being hit by a negligent driver. Personal injuries may cover a multitude of things, such as whiplash, air bag injuries, broken bones, crush injuries and amputations.

Consider the case of the man who lost his leg after being hit by a passing car. The victim was pushing his SUV off to the side of the road because he ran out of gas. As he was pushing it, a 25-year old woman driving a Nissan Ultima hit him. As a result of the collision, one of the man’s legs was severed.

Thankfully, another motorist put a tourniquet on the man to stop the bleeding until EMS crews arrived. He was taken to the nearest hospital for medical assistance, as was the driver of the car that hit him. The police report did not indicate any charges had been laid, but they were calling for further investigation into the matter. There are many unanswered questions in this scenario, not the least of which is what was the female driver doing at the time of impact?

Was she paying attention to her driving? Was she speeding? Was she texting or under the influence of something? All these things need to be figured out in order for the case to move forward and for the man to be able to sue the female driver for compensation for his medical bills and his catastrophic, life-altering leg amputation.

If you have been in a similar situation and do not know who to talk to about compensation for your personal injuries, make it a point to connect with a seasoned Atlanta personal injury lawyer. These types of situations are not cases where the plaintiff can act pro se (on their own), or they run the very real risk of missing out on money they are legally entitled to as a result of their injuries. For catastrophic injuries like amputation, the awards tend to be higher.

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