Renters Insurance a Wise Way to Protect Belongings and Liability Claims

Renters insurance typically costs about the same price of large pizza on a monthly basis. With that price, it is a no-brainer to safeguard your valuables and protect yourself against liability claims too. Policies in 2011 have many unique features that protect renters from fire, theft and other losses. Guest medical protection and worker’s compensation features are also parts of a modern renter’s policies.

Ask an Orlando renters insurance expert what coverage and discounts are available today. Renter’s policies give peace of mind that should valuables and possessions be damaged, for only $10 to $20 a month, you would be able to replace these items. Most renters do not think their stuff adds up to a lot of value, but think if all your worldly possessions were gone – renter’s insurance would ease the pain of replacing all the furniture, electronics, clothing, and many other things that made life easier.

Three to five components make up most renters policies. Personal property covers household items damaged due to fire, theft, or other loss. Personal liability protection pays for bodily injury or property damage caused to others because of a covered incident. Guest medical protection pays for medical fees that guests could incur who are accidentally injured on your property. Worker’s comp coverage pays for medical fees that personal helpers, such as nannies, maids, and gardeners, could incur as they are injured on the job. And additional personal property such as art, jewelry, antiques, and other valuables can be protected against theft and fire, as well.

Just like other policies, renters are eligible for discounts if they are in certain apartment or home communities. An experienced Florida insurance company will help you find the best policy with the best coverage for your money and offer you support for the months and years to come.

Discounts that can help the monthly fees include reductions when the apartment is located in a gated community, has a smoke alarm or security system, and when higher deductibles are chosen. Be sure to choose replacement versus actual value as the replacement value covers the cost of replacing belongings at current prices. And be aware of the policy’s limits. If you have diamond earrings and a policy caps reimbursements at $1,400, buy extra coverage for these and other big-ticket valuables to truly protect their value should an incident occur.

A good insurance agent will help you define your priorities, whether you are going to college and renting an apartment or settling into your first rental condo and want to make sure you’re being wise with your possessions.

Milla Tawnie writes for Orlando auto insurance and Orlando home insurance agency, the Florida Insurance Group. To learn more or to get auto and home insurance quotes, visit

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