Consumers Can Protect Themselves from the Top Five Homeowner Insurance Claims in Orlando

Orlando, Fla. – The top five homeowner’s insurance claims in Orlando are due to wind, water damage, theft, physical damage and lightning. These total between $2,600 and $64,000 per claim. It is crucial to evaluate the proper coverage amounts and the company a homeowner chooses to insure their most valuable asset, their home.

When shopping for home insurance, owners will want to look not only for affordable prices, but also companies that provide excellent customer service. Agents should be available when you need them most. Natural disasters and accidents, unfortunately, do not always occur during regular business hours. A good agent will be understanding and helpful when a family loses their home and all of their posessions in the middle of the night.

It is better to call a home insurance agent as soon as possible, especially for those who live in Florida. Agents cannot sell insurance when a hurricane is near the state, so homeowners must have policies in place beforehand to protect them from damage related to the storm.

If an owner already has a current home policy, compare those coverages and what they provide should one of the most frequent claims happen in their home. Call an Orlando home insurance agent to see how to get better coverage. If an owner already has a wind mitigation inspection filled out, this will equal cost and time savings when shopping around.

It is just as important to pick a company that has the financial backing and stability to service customers year after year, no matter what storm or calamity might come through the Orlando area. It is very important to look at their reinsurance. Reinsurance is insurance for insurance companies and shows how they would be able to pay claims should multiple hurricanes occur.

“We have been in business for more than 20 years in Orlando and know it is a good idea to review your policy to ensure it is up-to-date for what is happening in the area,” said Lee Rogers of “It only takes a few minutes to see what opportunities there are to get more adequate coverage and save you money.”

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