Big Life Changes Call for Insurance Adjustments

Individuals or couples who sell a home, retire, or have children away at college should take a comprehensive look at their home and auto insurance. These big life changes can equal huge savings for consumers, but often times these events are so grand that minor things such as insurance coverage get ignored.

First, when a home is sold, depending on what property is bought or rented next can make a big difference. As a consumer, you will want to find an agent that can go over the premium differences in square footage, location, construction style and age of the property, and what personal property will be transferred to the new residence.

Then, when retiring, consumers can save on auto insurance since without the daily commute to work, an individual is reclassified as less of a liability. When someone is at home more of the day, it also presents less risk and thus home insurance policies can come down too.

“Every year it’s good to check in with you agent to ensure that your deductibles are adequate and your premium is affordable,” said Lee Rogers of, who specializes in Orlando home and automobile insurance. “We’ll also inquire about any life events that can lessen your payments.”

And when kids go to college without taking a car, be sure to remove them from an umbrella policy or parents will be paying for something that’s not being used. This can save a policyholder quite a bit of money since teenage drivers and their vehicles are more of a risk.

“We’ve been in business for more than 18 years and know people are busy with their careers and lives,” said Rogers. “It takes only a few minutes to review your status and see what opportunities there are to save you money.”

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