Tina Springs Forth and Regains Her Strength

“Spring forth,” he told her. She initially chucked at that advice until she saw a show on TV that featured the mineral springs of Iceland. It prompted to do some research on the Internet and she found that there were actually mineral springs in California.

It seemed like a disaster in the beginning. The chiropractor who treated her said there was no treatment that could help her with excruciating joint pain. Thanks to her Long Beach independent health insurance agent, Matt Lockhard – who conveyed to her the significance of her health insurance coverage that enabled her to see a myriad of specialists to try and get to the root cause of her pain – Tina Masakit saw all types of doctors in all types of specialties and underwent all kinds of tests and X-rays, but none could quite put her back together again.

“What you may need,” said one doctor, “is to go treat yourself on a scenic, peaceful and spiritual retreat.” This was a doctor who prescribed to holistic remedies.

And that she did! She found the idea of doing yoga at the crack of dawn very frightening because she knew that a simple movement could send her to tears. But she started early morning meditating, first to gain confidence and strength. Then she submerged herself in the healing waters of the hot mineral spring the day after. Tina floated for hours on end, practically forgetting where she was. For a time, she felt like a real person without physical limitation, so she signed up for the next yoga session.

Tina was fluid as water, although not yet a professional, but still amazed at how far she came. The next month, she packed up her house to move closer to the springs where she would be able to be a part of the retreat on a more regular basis.

“Guess what, Matt?” she said on the phone. “I know what my problem was after all!”

“And what was that?” Matt asked.

“I was not connected to the source. Now I am, and for that I can hike, swim and even dance! But don’t you worry, I will keep my coverage!” she laughed.

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