Taking It All into Account

Everett Winslow, an accountant for many years, specialized doing tax returns for his clients. He did not particularly like to crunch numbers and deal with some of his sordid, shady clients, however. Instead, would sometimes retreat to playing basketball at the local military gymnasium for hours, which he had access to because he also was in the Navy Reserves.

Basketball at the base gym was like playing pick-up basketball at the yard – it was sometimes brutal and often ungraceful. There were guys who were totally inept, who swung elbows into faces, flailing about like a hurt chicken, bulldozing some guys over and sometimes injuring them severely.

But Everett knew the game well. He had played organized ball since high school and was MVP and a point guard, team captain, the go-to person, and he despised more than anything all the Frankensteinian frenzy that happened at the base gym. He only played there because he knew the people and it actually was the only good consistent spot to play ball.

Sometimes, as he was sitting at the sidelines waiting for his turn to play, after signing up his name on the roster and saying he got “next”, he would often think about work, and how funny or ridiculous some of his clients were.

One client kept insisting that her cocker spaniel’s treats should be tax deductible because Princess told her it was meals to benefit the employer, meaning her, for her happiness. Another woman who kept getting her child’s social security wrong finally got it right. She said about her continual mishap, “So, what’s the big deal? I was off by one number.”

Everett had been bringing Matt with him for years to play ball at the base gym – Matt Lockhard, the independent California health insurance agent, who checked in with him as he checked the ball in from the side line, “You are still covered, right?” Matt asked Everett.

“Of course! I have the best health insurance agent!” said Everret while defending Matt.

“Good!” Matt said exasperatingly after bypassing Matt and putting up a superb layup in his face.

Then he realized what it was all about after that. All the accounting and perfection really doesn’t amount to much, especially when Matt just scored on you.

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