Plank it out With Wide Pine Clearwater Flooring for the Hot Country Look

If you really want to jazz up your home’s interior, consider wide pine flooring. It Is a hot look.

Now and then there comes the time when you want to do something really different in your home; to make a statement and create a space that you resonate with on a personal level. The perfect solution for those looking to make a really interesting change in their décor is to consider wide pine flooring. It Is a look that Is coming back, big time.

Wide plank pine flooring goes with just about any décor you have in mind, which is what makes it so popular these days. It Is definitely a country, but yet very contemporary look. Imagine pairing it with leather, antiques, bright colors and attractive wall tiles to compliment the overall ambiance. This is the true definition of “Home is where you hang your heart,” and that heart is country.

While there are a good number of choices on the market, it is not quite as confusing as choosing tiles. The first thing to start with is to choose a style you like and a stain color that will suit your home. Try showrooms if you like or call an expert contractor who could make some suggestions. Where possible, try to get samples to set on the existing floor that you want to change.

Try to get a wide variety of planking, ranging from narrow to wide. Just because the latest trend is to wider planks, it does not mean you may not prefer the narrower ones. There are several shades you may choose from in light, medium and dark stains. Before you choose a stain, give some thought to what they whole room will look like when you are done. Use the mental picture to decide on what would work best in that particular room.

If you like Clearwater flooring with some personality, then wood planks are the real deal for personality plus. You can get them sanded to perfection and smoothness or opt for the character boards with knotholes and other strange things happening in the plank. For example, many people like old recovered and well-weathered barn wood or salvaged wood from old churches. It is a great conversation piece to have a new floor made from a supposedly haunted old church. Not only that, you are thinking green and recycling wood. Good on you.

If you want to try to install this new plank floor on your own, you can certainly try it, but you might want to keep the phone number of an experienced Clearwater flooring company handy – just in case.

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