Julia and Nadine Catch Something Important On Their Ice Fishing Trip

It was not fair that the guys were able to go fishing in the Florida Keys and leave them with the kids, as they did periodically. This time, Julia and Nadine packed the children and took them to their grandparents in Santa Monica for the weekend, and decided to do something different and memorable for themselves for once.

They had secretly planned their trip and told their husbands that they were going to do a “girls’ weekend, too”. The husbands shrugged it off thinking that they were going to do typical girl stuff like shoe shopping or go to a spa. They were too busy planning for their big weekend to even wonder or even care. They were going to go with their mutual buddy, Matt Lockhard, a California independent health insurance agent.

Julia and Nadine were so tired of playing second fiddle to their husbands’ hobbies that they wanted to set off on an adventure, in a more subtle and quieter reckless abandon than the Thelma and Louise movie.

“Let’s go fishing, too!” Nadine said.

“What?” Julia exclaimed. “And be boring like them?”

“Our fishing trip is different, because we are going ice fishing. That’s tougher and cooler than fishing at the ‘Florida Keys!’ ” Nadine illustrated with finger quotes. “Plus, what would they say if we caught some pretty big fish? We would have big fish stories of our own!”

So they set off way up north to a lodge that sponsored ice-fishing groups. They braved the cold and sat out there on the ice like real troopers, but did not catch one fish. But what they did enjoy the most was sitting in front of the fireplace with the guys, eating venison stew and washing it down with some whiskey.

Both couples met up at Nadine’s house after their weekend getaway. The husbands howled over their blunders and all the mackerels and groupers that they caught. Finally the husbands asked Nadine and Julia what “spa” they went to as the conversation of their fishing trip finally ended in dead silence.

“Spa?” Julia asked. “Who said anything about going to a spa? More like a spa weekend ice fishing in Canada!” Julia and Nadine roared.

“We froze our butts off and did not catch one fish!” Nadine passed out the hilarious photos they took of each other to the group.

At that moment, a newsbreak came on TV that caught their attention.

“Two brave California women apprehended a man on an airplane who was threatening to do harm to the passengers last night,” said the news anchor.

Then the TV showed pictures of Nadine and Julia and the nabbed man. The husbands looked on with shock and disbelief.

“Oh yeah,” said Nadine, “but we did manage to catch a criminal!”

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