Indiscriminate Pollution Contaminates Drinking Water And Makes It Unsafe For Consumption

It is not too much of a stretch of the imagination to think about contaminated water in the USA. It is all around us.

This case is ongoing and is highly disturbing, as well. The people living in the smallish town of Colstrip, Montana cannot drink the water in their wells because it is highly contaminated with coal ash byproducts. There are four large power plants closeby that are forever running afoul of regulations laid out by the state’s environmental authority. That is largely due to the fact that the agency does not do much in the way of overseeing the plants or regulating the situation.

The town has been trying for quite some time now to get something done about their water and the source of the pollution, but no one seems to be listening. The company that controls the power plants has already settled one lawsuit, paying out $25 million to plaintiffs.

You would think that would spur them on to clean up their act. Not so. The plants carry on, blithely ignoring cleanup regulations and not bothering to do anything to upgrade the seals on their coal ash ponds. Unfortunately, no one has mentioned that one way to ensure the residents of the town have access to fresh water is that they could invest in water distillers, or in the alternative, install water distillation systems in their homes and businesses.

It seems these particular ponds have had problems right from the get go; from the day the lining was installed. The company doing the work flat out refused to guarantee its product, because it would not be effective given the site’s needs. The power company forged on anyway, despite warnings.

Today, those who sued the company and won are not allowed to speak about the issue and not allowed to sue the company again. Unfortunately, there is another batch of local people who want to take action against the power plant and they are getting doors slammed in their faces.

The latest batch of rumors centers on the power plant dumping waste directly into the Yellowstone River, contaminating the water with mercury and arsenic. Many town residents and those on outlying ranches would be interested to know they could cope with this problem with water distillers to get clean, fresh water on demand.

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