Clearwater Flooring Company Offers Advice for DIY Marble Cutting

When saving money for home renovations is important, there is the option of doing marble installation without hiring it out.

“Nowadays, people are quite concerned about their budget and want to save money in as many ways as they can. This does not mean that they do not want to also upgrade their home to give it a new look. Many of the things a homeowner can do may be done on a do-it-yourself basis, and the results will look great. For example, installing a marble countertop. Yes, you can DIY with a few tips,” said Dean Dupre, who runs Champion Tile, a Clearwater Flooring, Tampa Flooring, and tile installation company.

First of all, make sure the job has the right tools. Installing a marble countertop means proper safety goggles and gloves. The next thing on the list is to make sure the countertop is laid on a flat surface. In other words, position it so that it is secure, flat and there is nothing in the way to make it uneven and off balance.

“Your best bet to cut marble is on a flat table or work bench and remember, measure twice, cut once. Use a grease pencil and mark out where you want to cut as clearly as possible. If you use the grease pencil, you will be able to see where you will be cutting. The line should go from edge to edge and you need to take one extra precautionary step here, and that is line up a metal edge with the grease pencil line before you saw anything. Tape the straight edge down firmly,” Dupre said.

After the right cut has been made, take care to move the product safely to stop it from being damaged. For instance, use a pallet to move a flat piece. If this seems like too much trouble, consider what would happen if the piece were damaged or dropped. It is an expensive proposition to replace the marble. Taking infinite care right at the beginning of the project will ensure eventual success.

“With the line marked, connect the hose to the wet saw and turn the water on. Do not, and this bears repeating, do not cut marble with a dry saw. If you do not have a hose, use a spray bottle or sponge to keep the saw wet. Keep the hand steady and cut straight,” Dupre said.

From cutting to installing once the pieces have been cut is not that big a leap and many DIYers can handle things like that just fine. It is when they get into trouble that it is a good idea to have the phone number of an expert Clearwater flooring company on hand.

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