Benepath CEO Indicates Being Denied Health Insurance Is Not Always Kiss of Death

Denial of health insurance coverage is not the worst thing that could happen to a person. There are other viable options.

“If you have been denied health insurance, you’re no doubt wondering what on earth you are going to do, whether or not you have any other options and why you were denied. Chances are, you were denied due to a pre-existing condition. But that doesn’t mean another insurance company won’t consider you, because each company underwrites risks differently. In other words, it pays to shop around, and don’t take no for an answer,” said Clelland Green, RHU, and president of Benepath, Pennsylvania.

“If you’re hunting for health insurance on your own and have hit a snag and been rejected, seriously, it’s best to talk to an expert health insurance agent. They’re there to help you, the advice is free and they can usually find you something that will meet your needs. Too many people, in the rush to avoid talking to an insurance agent, are overlooking a valuable, time and money saving, free resource,” Green said.

The truth about the health insurance hunt is that people do not honestly know what they want or even really need. Too many people just make assumptions about things and do not check them out. Nine times out of 10, those assumptions are just plain wrong and someone may go without health insurance because they thought they could not get it.

Most people can most definitely get health insurance. Some may even get partial coverage for some things, which is better than no coverage at all. “The one thing to be very wary of is that if you have opted to try an individual plan that does not have medical underwriting, these are often just discount plans masquerading as something else. They do not give you the kind of coverage an honest to goodness medical health insurance plan will provide,” Green said.

Another open option may include high risk pools. At least 29 states have them and they are designed to help those who have been deemed uninsurable. Check around before taking this route, as more often than not, there is something that will suit everyone’s needs, no matter what their circumstances may be.

“Pools do have disadvantages you need to know about, such as they can terminate your coverage if there is legislation against it, there are long waiting lists, the costs are higher and you may no longer be eligible if you move, etc.,” Green said.

The best method to find health insurance is to stick with a local health insurance agent, visit trusted health insurance provider websites and do the research. An informed consumer is a wise one.

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