Always Hire a DUI Lawyer if Charged in Atlanta

If you are charged with a DUI in Georgia, hire a skilled Atlanta criminal defense lawyer. You will need one.

It’s pretty much a no-brainer that people should not be driving a lethal weapon while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Nevertheless, they do it anyhow. In most states, and certainly in Georgia, it is a punishable offense, with the punishment hinging on the severity of the offense and the driver’s condition when charged.

If arrested for DUI in Georgia, you will face a court hearing and depending on the nature of any injuries or damages involved, you may face a fine, a jail term or both. Your driver’s license may also be suspended and you may be ordered to attend court-appointed counseling.

While there are cases where there is no harm done to another, you might not think it is any big deal, especially if everyone is OK. Don’t even think for one minute that it is OK, because even if no one is hurt, you may still be punished based on your blood alcohol content, your condition and your behavior when arrested. For this reason, do not – and this bears repeating, do not – talk to the police when you are arrested, or even before you are arrested.

Do not get into why you were out drinking and driving, what speed you were or were not doing, how you feel or anything else. Be quiet and call an Atlanta criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can. Anything you have to say can be said to the lawyer. Anything you say that isn’t said to your lawyer has a mean way of coming back to bite you later. Remain silent until you get counsel, otherwise you could mess up your case.

Georgia has an involved process for DUI charges that mean a hearing session, appearing before a judge, a preliminary hearing, a pre-trial conference and criminal proceedings. Those criminal proceedings may mean charges of DUI felony. There is no way you can choose to represent yourself through this legal maze, which is why you will need a skilled Atlanta criminal defense lawyer.

Do not opt out of hiring legal counsel because you want to save money, because by the time you are done in the court process, without counsel, you will be paying out a large sum of money. Better you have the DUI criminal defense lawyer in your corner, who may be able to reduce charges or mitigate the whole case and get it tossed out. An experienced DUI lawyer is worth his weight in gold.

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