A Remote Chance Of Visiting a Volcano

Even though he grew up in the archipelago, Tristan da Cunha, a five to six day boat ride from Cape Town, South Africa, the most remote inhabited island in the South Atlantic, Sean Paletta was allergic to fish. It was difficult as a child because the small town’s mainstay is fishing and farming, so Sean ate a lot of potatoes instead. Sean was also oblivious to the fact that his settlement sat at the base of an active volcano.

Now overlooking Los Angeles in his luxury high-rise penthouse, he just cannot believe how he made it this far, literally. Some series of odd events happened when he just turned 21 after celebrating his birthday. A tourist named Alan McNabb from one of the luxury liners visited the island and happened to bump into him at the one and only pub in the settlement. Alan told Sean about his shampoo company out in California and offered Sean a job. Many years later, Sean found himself owning and running the company after the old man bequeathed it him.

Now in his late 30s, battling homesickness was becoming harder and harder. He wanted to take a hiatus and visit his old little island but he did not want to go alone, so he asked his friend Matt Lockhard, a California independent health insurance agent, to come and accompany him. But this time, instead of taking freight ships to the island, he planned to take his yacht.

“Thanks, but no thanks, Sean,” said Matt, declining Sean’s offer. “I heard that the seas are so rough down there that ships and freights sometimes cannot make it into the harbor, and there is always a chance that the volcano will erupt. It will be our luck!”

“So, are you saying that it’s a remote chance that you will go to the remotest island in the world with me, Matt?” Sean asked.

“Yup, you got that right!” Matt exclaimed.

“Hey, but at least you and I have great health insurance now. So live a little and hit the high seas with me!”

Matt and Sean found themselves on the island six months later chasing the infamous Northern Rockhopper Penguins.

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