A Happy Birthday Gift to Me for my Valentine

In his high-rise apartment, the dim light seeped through the crevices, tickling Juan Pablo’s nose, as if to say, “Wake up, Juan Pablito, you have a very important day!” He woke up confused, yet light-hearted, with butterflies in his stomach for no apparent reason.

He showered, shaved and got dressed for work as he normally does, but this time, instead of rushing blindly into the rush hour traffic, he floated over it. All the traffic lights were green; the traffic flowed like streams of contiguous energy, uninterrupted. The elevator door opened and closed as soon as he stepped up to it with no crowds to slither into and slather out of.

Juan Pablo stopped abruptly at the entranceway to his office to find a nicely wrapped package on his executive desk. He approached the scene cautiously while he put down his coffee and briefcase. A note on it said, “On your birthday, give this to your wife. Sincerely, Matt Lockhard,” which made him burst into laughter.

Was this a joke? Is this a silly gift from Matt Lockhard, the independent California health insurance agent? One of Matt’s typical jokes, but what about this wife thing, he thought? He knows I’m not married. I don’t even have a girlfriend! With that thought, he rushed to open the package and within he found a small card with a gold key. “Dear John Paul, you have been such a dear friend through all these years, I wanted to give you a lucky key for your birthday. Use this key when you want to open an opportunity of a lifetime. Remember, this is more than a symbol; it’s your health and life insurance. Matt”.

“That, Matt!” he thought. “Always giving me some puzzle”. But he placed the key in his pocket anyway, just in case.

The business day drew to a close and the late afternoon was drawing its shade over the city. Juan Pablo rubbed the key in his suit pocket as he was walking down the city block, and then up appeared a woman jogging, who just rounded the corner as he was. They both looked at each other so intently that the woman stopped jogging and stood before Juan Pablo for a moment. In a daze, without thinking, Juan Pablo reached into his suit pocket and gave it to the woman. She didn’t even look down to see what it was, still staring on at Juan Pablo. Then in a flash she turned around and began to jog again away from Juan Pablo, as if nothing ever happened.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, Agnes,” a man’s voice said while placing a gold necklace with a gold key pendant over Agnes’s neck. “Thank God,” Agnes said to the man, “that your number was engraved on the back of this key. I wouldn’t have ever known your name, or see you again.”

“Yeah, that Matt is such a soothsayer, I tell ya!”

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