Welcome to the Wonderful World of the Wireless Marketplace

American consumers are driving the wireless networking competition. The technological revolution is driving the industry to come up with new and exciting concepts and roll fascinating products out to the American consumers.

The wireless bionetwork’s ecosphere has grown exponentially, and at a faster rate than any other part of the world. For example, Americans are consuming wireless products and services, utilizing approximately 824 minutes a month, compared to 160 minutes a month in Europe. What accounts for such a vast difference? Basically, Americans are getting more for their money because the revenue per minute in the U.S. is so much cheaper.

The American wireless industry is now a model for the rest of the wireless world to follow. Other countries are now expanding their calling plans and are trying to revamp their policies on technology requirements to make them more flexible. Since 2008 – two short years since the induction of “apps” – there are now thousands of them available on many different platforms for wireless customers nationwide.

The wireless industry wants to concentrate more on wireless broadband and is lobbying policymakers to help make it affordable and accessible to everyone; therefore making the industry’s race for quality and capability the forerunner for dynamic competition.

What it boils down to is that American consumers can choose from a variety of network providers: national and regional carriers as well as resellers. To add to the list, consumers can also choose a contract or the pay-as-you-go or prepaid option for their network services. Therefore, the wireless consumer has many choices. If consumers don’t like a plan or service, they can opt to go take their money elsewhere.

Wireless technology is providing us with the hottest new products that are selling like crazy. Now, 4G services are expanding nationwide and 3G has practically gone through every nook and cranny. At least 92 percent of American wireless consumers have access to 3G coverage.

Great value, great technologies, and an array of products and services to choose from help the U.S. wireless ecosystem propel its own evolution into the next generation, one wireless customer at a time.

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