Water May Be Everywhere At Work But Not Fit To Drink Indicates H2o Labs

Many businesses these days have water coolers or drinking stations on hand. The water in those stations and coolers may be contaminated.

“It’s rather ironic that in the desire to avoid drinking contaminated tap water, we are OK with drinking water out of a drinking station or cooler at work. Unfortunately, most often, the water in those bottles is just tap water, which rather defeats the purpose of trying to drink healthy water,” said Larry Wardell, who writes for H2olabs.com, a provider of water distiller systems that provide truly pure distilled water.

It’s been proven over the years that bottled water, and water in a cooler or drinking station that is also bottled, is not all it’s cracked up to be. This is largely because there is really no contamination regulation in the industry, and while some filtering may have been done, by and large what’s in the bottle isn’t good news and is just as contaminated as the water at home that comes out of the tap. For those that happen to use water distillers at home, this isn’t a problem, but if there is no water distillation system at work, it’s likely safer to stick to what water is brought from home.

Unfortunately, the water at work may sit there for days on end; the bottle may not be cleaned out properly or replaced very often. If tap water is being used it is full of harmful bacteria, chemicals and metals. In fact, there are over 2,100 known toxic contaminants in the drinking water at home and in that bottle at work.

Throw the fact that the bottles at drinking stations are made of polycarbonate, which, when exposed to direct sunlight, can dissolve a chemical called bisphenol-A into the water. This is a chemical that is definitely associated with cancer. It is likely best to take water to work that was produced by water distillers. That way, there is no doubt the water is safe, fresh and clean and does not have any contaminants floating around in it.

To learn more, visit http://www.h2olabs.com.

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