The Future Prospects of Cell Phones

Do you know how much your cell phone is making an impact on our society today? Imagine back to just a few years ago when we didn’t have them. Think also about how, even in the not-so-distant past, the home computer was first making its mark in practically every home in America.

Morgan Stanley Research estimates that in five years there will be more cell phone web users than desktop web users. Cell phones enable people to take pictures, watch movies, check the news and weather and play games, among many other things. It can be a tool for the masses to get involved in social movements and causes. The American Red Cross used the simple form of texting to help raise money. Donors from all over the country contributed $10 by simply texting the American Red Cross, raising $30 million dollars for the Haiti earthquake victims relief fund.

New cell technology is not only for social causes. With talks of implementing the smart grid technology by 2030, which will upgrade our current existing electric power distribution network, the commercial wireless network will innovate and also support it. This will bring more reliability, new capabilities and extra security for wireless consumers. It is also a chance to take part in the modernized, more effective electricity distribution networks, allowing consumers to save on their electric bills and use 20 percent or more of renewable energy resources.

As for commercial viability, cell phone consumers will be at the pulse of that change, also. It is not surprising to see businesses, even small businesses, coming up with mobile versions of their websites.

You can now download coupons to your cell phone and show the coupon on your cell phone screen to the cashier to get an instant discount. There is no need to clip coupons in certain cases. Mobile devices and web applications are changing customer interaction immensely and boosting businesses’ web traffic simply through their own mobile channel. There is now an estimate of 53 million (and climbing) smart phone users. Just think what mobile coupons could do for the upcoming Christmas season if all the chains and stores participate in this growing market.

Technological ingenuity keeps evolving and grass roots and social movements, renewable energy advocates, businesses and major corporations will find ways to utilize the cell phone to reach their consumers and supporters.

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