Many Do Not Know They Have VOCs In Their Water On Tap

Don’t look now, but America’s drinking water has volatile organic compounds in it. VOCs typically have chronic effects.

Just when we thought our drinking water might be A-OK to swallow, along comes the information that what’s on tap may also contain volatile organic compounds. These no-seeums can cause headaches, throat irritation, liver and kidney damage, central nervous system damage, nausea, coordination problems and eye and nose irritation. None of this would make anyone really want to rush home and have a glass of water straight out of the tap, unless they ran that water through a water distiller.

Surely, you think, our water purification plants handle this kind of contamination and the water can’t be that bad. Well, the first point to consider is that most municipal water treatment plants are so old and out of date they can barely keep up with the usual contaminants, never mind the newer ones that have come on the scene over the years.

The second point to ponder is that even though the water may look and smell OK, that doesn’t mean it is OK. Typically, contaminated water has no smell or taste and that’s what makes it potentially deadly in the short and long-term. One way to avoid drinking tap water is to have water distillers in the home to make sure you have access to fresh and clean water daily.

Yes, EPA guidelines state that water has to be purified, but, not 100 percent. Why is that? Purifying it 100 percent would cost way too much money. It certainly would cost a bundle, because there are more than 2,100 known contaminants in the water we drink daily and one of those is VOCs.

Right now, most water treatment plants use the cheapest method they can to do a partial job of cleaning the water. This means the end user, which is you, is drinking contaminated water that may be contributing to intestinal grief and other things, such as high blood pressure.

While you may very well have treated tap water at home, this isn’t to say that it is safe for you to drink on a regular basis. If you want to ensure your family has safe water on demand, then invest in water distillers. That way, you can be guaranteed of having safe and fresh water at home.

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