Chicago Cell Phone Repair Can Help with Blackberry Woes

Cell phones are great, Fantastic tools to get around and keep connected to the virtual world. On the other hand, cell phones can be very tetchy apparatuses.

Smart phones are noted more for their sleek design than their durability. That’s why, as most s smart phone users can attest, all it takes is one drop and the thing goes kaput. One way to keep from damaging the smart phone’s sensitive body is instead opt in on purchasing one of those military-certified handset phones that are practically water proof, shock proof, and bypass all the cool apps and features of smart phones.

The BlackBerry smart phones, for instance, have had been noted for trackball issues. The newer BlackBerry models boast new track pads to answer the old trackball malfunctions. However, there have been reports that some of the newer BlackBerry track pad models seem to be very sketchy and flighty. Some users find their own way of dealing with the issues, such as balancing on one foot and applying the right kind of pressure with one finger in order for it work just so.

So, what is a wireless consumer to do when his or her high-tech smart phone decides to go south just when it is needed most? For one, the consumer can take it to the wireless service provider, hope that it came with a good replacement insurance plan, or shell out more money for another phone. There is, however, another option.

“You can simply bring it to us!” said Jeff Gasner, owner of CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair. “We are an independent cell phone repair store that can help you with most of your cell phone woes, we can also in most cases, retrieve your lost data for you, even when your phone is non-responsive.”

Chicago Cell Phone Repair can also help with broken BlackBerry trackballs or track pads, broken BlackBerry camera lenses, broken Blackberry screens or keyboards and damaged housing, to name a few.

So before any poor owner of a broken BlackBerry phone chucks it or digs deeper in his or her pocket for a new phone, perform CPR on it – bring it to a qualified CPR – Chicago Cell Phone Repair Specialist, that is—and let them fix it.

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